Exponents RationalExpressions BoxMethod QuadraticEquations
PropertiesofEquality FractionsinEquations SumandProductPuzzles StandardFormofQuadraticFunction
LinearEquations SolvingInequalities MultiplyingPolynomials item2a
SquareRootsSquareNumbers HowtoFindSlope SystemsofEquations FactoringPolynomials item3
PythagoreanTheorem xandyintercepts FactoringTrinomials item5
Homework for Algebra Students

Homework is usually assigned Monday through Thursday. Math textbooks are to be kept at home. When it is necessary to have the text brought back to school, plenty of notice will be given. Books should be covered, even when kept at home. The textbook can be used as a resource book when it is not being used for homework assignments.

A downloadable sheet of graph paper is available here Graph paper.

  • An online version of the textbook is available. You will need the following access code BE4058061348585BB61D to set up an account with your given user name and password at

π Fun! Check out the fun π links on the Math Bugs Me! π page.

For tutorials on any of the concepts we have learned in class, along with the direct chapter/page correlation, here are videos from the textbook. Prentice-Hall Video Tutorials


In an effort to encourage and promote responsibility, homework assignments will no longer be posted online. Students must write down their assignments upon entering class.