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Apps for Algebra

Practicing the facts over and over again can be very tedious but when practicing them in a game format, it can be fun! There are many great online game sites where you can work on the basic skills. There are also a number of fabulous iPad and tablet apps that are free or low-priced. Here are a few suggestions for you to try…

Maths World Cup

Apps for the iPad 


The following are either free or inexpensive apps for the iPad. Many also will work on iPods and iPhones. Go to iTunes to find them!

  • HMH Fuse: Algebra I Edition
  • Khan Academy Algebra I
  • Math-ink
  • Algebra by
  • Algebra Touch
  • Wolfram Algebra
  • Pythagoras
  • Mathemagics Mental Math Tricks
  • meStudying Algebra I (excellent for practice!)

Apps for Android Tablets 


The following are either free or inexpensive apps for the Android-powered devices. Go to Google Play to find them!

  • Algebra by
  • Math-ink
  • Intermediate Algebra by
  • Learn Algebra
  • Algebra Cheat Sheet Free
  • Ideal WebMath Algebra
  • Learn Elementary Algebra
  • Math Formulae Lite Free
  • Mathlab Graphing Calculator
  • Einstein Math Academy
Online Games
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